background investigationsWhat are five compelling reasons to use a Background Check when hiring?

Negligent Hiring

A real threat of liability employers now face under current legal doctrine is "negligent hiring". If an employee causes damage to a third–party, your company could be found liable for failing to heed the warning signs. An example would be hiring someone inappropriate for the job, such as a bus driver with a long history of negligent driving.

Wrongful Discharge

An increasing number of lawsuits are being filed by employees who feel they have been wrongfully discharged by their companies. Are you hiring someone who has initiated one of these lawsuits more than once? Studies show that claimants win two thirds of the cases that go to trial. Careful pre-employment screening will reduce the risk of many problems like this down the road.

Company Theft

As technology advances, employees have greater access to data banks and crucial company files. You can protect your company, your employees, and your customers by being proactive. A thorough background check can determine high risk employment candidates before a problem occurs.

Leverage in Hiring

When interviewing a candidate, you generally will not know if they are exaggerating or falsifying credentials. Having input from several sources, including a background investigation, gives you important leverage in a hiring situation by knowing fundamental facts in the candidate's background. This allows you to hire the person best suited for the job and your company. It's important that you know who you are hiring before you hire them.

Economical Cost for a Background Check.

Our background checks can cost as little as $12.00 per individual, and often do. Utilizing background checks in all your hiring decisions is a surprisingly affordable and effective method of preventing greater costs down the road.